Why I’m a Scottie Pippen fan

The recent Netflix series ‘The Last Dance’ has made me think about why I was such a huge Scottie Pippen fan growing up. I liked MJ as well but Scottie just resonated more with me. Let me try and explain why.

Scottie was a country boy growing up in obscurity in Central Arkansa. He wasn’t recruited out of High School, got lucky to make his college team and grew 6 inches in one year. He was a success story even more unlikely than most in the NBA. I definitely identified with that growing up in rural, Far North, New Zealand. I knew it would take an incredible amount of hard work and luck for me to succeed in just about anything coming from where I did.

Scottie never really got the general public recognition he deserved as one of the greatest players of all time. Those who understood the game appreciated him, including MJ, but he was underpaid and undervalued by many. There were many times I felt I got overlooked in sports and life because of my background and personality. I didn’t go out much or communicate well so my problems were my own making. However I could identify with that part of Scottie.

As a huge basketball fan I patterned the way I played on Pippens game, he had a slight frame like me when I was young. It was all about hard defence and play making which served me well. I never had the commitment to chase higher honours in basketball, I had other things that were more important to me. But I loved watching the 90’s Bulls and will always have a soft spot for Pip.