Using Notes/Reminders when iCloud is blocked by Corporate firewall

I actually like using Apple Notes and Reminders. It lets me quickly capture thoughts and remind myself about ‘all the things’. However, the synching between my iPhone and MacBook is the most important feature when I’m in a shared network. I easily lose track of where I was if I don’t make notes. And I don’t trust writing things that are not backed up in the cloud somewhere. In some networks I have previously used, iCloud has been blocked by firewall policies.

I had to get creative and turn to an old service I hadn’t used in a while. My Microsoft account actually became my best friend, when it comes to keeping my iPhone and MacBook in sync. Go figure. Many company firewalls usually allow Microsoft exchange sync, and it appears my free email address uses that to sync.

I added my Microsoft Account and selected syncing reminders and notes on both my Laptop and Phone. Notes is missing some fancy formatting and drawing on Microsoft synced notes but it does the all important text sync that I need. Reminders sync to Microsofts ToDo service and they work great inside the native Apple Reminders App.

So if you find yourself on an Apple device in a Microsoft supported network, and you like to use the native apps, you are welcome 😂.